Saturday, May 24, 2008

QFAH - Hour 5

Done! I am really on a roll today! I had 9 of these blocks finished by bedtime last night, and I finished the rest of them this morning. And I think I've finished 6 of the Orange Crush blocks today too. That's 21 blocks I've done today--it must be some kind of record! For me, that is.

I was thinking about something when I sat down at the sewing machine this morning. Judy said we should be able to make 12 blocks in one hour, which means it would take 5 minutes to put one block together, which is pretty impressive. When I first started making these blocks the other day, it was taking me 15 minutes to make one; but I was also watching TV, running the washer, chit chatting with my son, and I was up and down from the sewing machine...because... that's what I do.

So I decided to try a little test. I set a timer to see how long it actually took me to make one block with no distractions--no TV, no kids, husband, dog, or cell phones; and no way can I construct a finished block in only 5 minutes. I discovered that I CAN do one in 8 minutes, however, and using a timer certainly kept me focused on what I was doing. So I set that timer off and on all day to keep myself on track.

It also occurred to me that if I used the units from the Orange Crush blocks as leaders and enders, I could also get a few of those blocks made. I really should do that more often. I still have a bunch more Orange Crush blocks to go, so my goal is to finish 9 more today and 9 tomorrow, then I'll be done with Step 4. Woohoo!

I worked out in the yard, annihilating dandelions and wild violets, for an hour or so this morning in between sewing sessions, hoping to give my shoulders a rest. Now they're really hurting, so I'll need to take some Tylenol and several hours away from the machine to rejuvenate. Hope everyone else is getting lots done today!


dot said...

These are nice. You are so far ahead of me. I have one block done, yup just one. I am stripping wallpaper right now and sewing is in the back of my mind. I really like your blocks.

Amanda said...

Wow, you did do a lot today. I really like these blocks. We've had lovely weather here in the UK today, so I have been gardening most of the day and done very little sewing. Just a bit of hand quilting whilst watching the Eurovision Song Contest.

Kathy Wagner said... are really on a roll!
Very inspiring!